CybFest NW 2017


Attendees of CybFest NW 2017 will have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Transforming figure. This figure is a recolor of a Transformers Legnds Class figure made specifically for the convention by Grimlockprimecustoms.


Larger, quicker, tougher, louder. This is my kind of crowd.

Built for long-distance surveillance, Thunder-Hawx has been labelled a scout since he started training with his home planet's army. However, in line with his loud and impulsive nature, he always wanted to be an enforcer in the midst of the action. He was eventually able to leverage his training to become an unofficial member of the legendary, freelance surveillance team Sonic Sky. Traditionally restricted to only eleven members, joining as the 12th Bot finally enabled Thunder-Hawx to serve his army on the front lines and ensure their victory in every engagement (except for the one occasion where the commander decided to pass on a sure victory rather than running a more traditional maneuver).

When the war brought Thunder-Hawx to Earth, he became fascinated by the passion many of the local inhabitants exhibited for the various contests of strength and skill they regularly organized. He quickly became wrapped up in their fanaticism and used his surveillance skills to secretly pass along advice to his favorite teams. In fact, it was during a particular period of madness early in the human year that he became so preoccupied he was left behind during the armies' great exodus. Not discouraged by this turn of events, Thunder-Hawx recommitted himself to his new hobby, even reconfiguring his alt-form into one of the data devices used by many of the coaches he secretly assisted.

Thunder-Hawx has two signature moves. His long bomb attack, which requires focus and precision aim, utilizes specialized thrusters to Deploy him at unprecedented range and follow up with a deadly beak or talon strike. His second attack, the unorthodox Hat Trick (which is used almost exclusively on Nebulos), sees Thunder-Hawx swoop down on Headmasters and forcibly remove their head from the rest of the body. Additionally, his optics include a multi-spectral surveillance package, and he has learned to communicate subliminal suggestions through the tablet screen of his alt-mode.

Strength 4     Rank 3
Intelligence 6     Courage 9
Speed 9     Fireblast 2
Endurance 7     Skill 6

Thunder-Hawx is an exclusive recolor of Combiner Wars Buzzsaw. A Legends Class figure, Thunder-Hawx converts from beast mode to vehicle mode to spy tablet mode. He is also compatible with Titans Return Leader Class figures Blaster and Soundwave.

Thunder-Hawx will be a limited-edition of 20 and will be available for puchase at the show for $25 (limit of 1).